Since 2004, we've done over 100 projects across many industries and sectors. We offer this experience and resolve to help realise your digital ambitions.


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A digital strategy clearly outlines how your company will compete in the new economy. It targets the DNA of the organisation. It is not about running ‘digital lipstick’ projects. We have helped several large organisations better understand their digital ambitions and run successful projects.

Some activities in crafting a digital strategy include:

  • Understand C-level ambitions

  • Carry out research activities

  • Define the vision

  • Create guiding principles

  • Evaluate current capabilities

  • Define and run digital experiments


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The demands on websites and apps have risen dramatically over the last few years. We now have to cater to multiple devices, users and channels. New disciplines and developments such as UI animations and conversational UIs have come to the rescue. We are at the forefront of these developments and bring this knowledge to the projects we do.

The activities we do in a website or app project include:

  • Carry out research activities

  • Define the information architecture

  • Define content strategy

  • Design interactions and task flows

  • Create content patterns

  • Create UI patterns

  • Build the frontend

  • Carry out usability testing


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Digital practices and methods are evolving rapidly. You need to invest in building these digital capabilities across the organisation, from C-level to managers to frontline staff.

We partner with a select group of seasoned practitioners and leaders to offer training and change management services.

The training includes:

  • Agile practices

  • Content design

  • Digital transformation

  • Digital analytics

  • Design thinking

  • Design sprints