Design sprint

A 4-day Design Sprint to tackle challenges, unlock ideas and fast-track projects.

Design sprint


A Design Sprint is a time-boxed, intensive, and collaborative problem-solving workshop. It brings together key stakeholders, subject matter experts, and creative minds to solve critical business challenges in just four days. The sprint will accelerate product development, spark innovation, and streamline decision-making.

Who is it for

The design sprint is meant for a product team. This includes stakeholders, product owners, designers and engineers.

Main activities

  • Sprint planning
  • Day 1: Alignment & solution sketching (team workshop)
  • Day 2: Deciding and Storyboarding (team workshop)
  • Day 3: Prototyping
  • Day 4: User Testing
  • Sprint summary and next steps

Outputs and outcomes

  • A sprint report that documents the sprint activities and results.
  • Recommendations on the next steps based on the feedback (effort vs impact).


1.5 weeks

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