Service design

Create and deliver whole digital services - from user interfaces to integrations and across all channels.

Service design


While UX design focuses on single products or individual aspects of a service, service design focuses on the design and delivery of full-fledged service experiences that span end-to-end (the journey) and front-to-back (across people, processes and systems). We need strong UX and service design to create and deliver successful experiences.

Examples of our work include:

  • Employment services for a gov agency
  • EV charging services for an energy company
  • Payroll and remittance services for a fintech company
  • Procurement and payment services for a defence agency

Who is it for

Business and service teams who want to access experience and expertise to augment their development efforts.

Main activities

  • UX research
  • Content strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service blueprinting
  • User interface design
  • Prototype testing
  • Experience measurements
  • Design specifications and governance

Outputs and outcomes

  • UX research insights and recommendations
  • Design systems
  • Customer journey maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Development-ready UI screens and flows
  • Design specifications
  • System specifications
  • Governance guidelines


It depends on the requirements but could range from 2-4 months.

More services

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App development using OutSystems

Service design

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