AI opportunities sprint

A 4-hour, personalised, step-by-step process to discover, analyse and communicate your opportunities in using AI to grow your business.

AI opportunities sprint


New developments in AI are set to unleash a wave of productivity and growth in organisations. For the first time, these AI opportunities are accessible to all types of businesses, not just the ones with deep pockets and technical expertise. A recent report by O'Reilly revealed that the number one factor holding back enterprises from adopting AI is Identifying appropriate business use cases (or opportunities).

Where does one start looking for such AI opportunities? Join PebbleRoad’s AI opportunities sprint, a 4-hour, personalised, step-by-step process of discovering, analysing and communicating your opportunities.

You will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the potential of AI for your business
  • Identify and prioritise AI use cases that align with your strategic goals
  • Develop a roadmap for implementing your AI initiatives

Who is it for

The sprint is designed for business leaders and their teams—the people with the experience and expertise to translate today’s problems into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Main activities

  • Pre-sprint briefing and readiness assessment
  • Introduction to AI for business
  • Using the AI opportunity navigator
  • Discovering opportunities (we’ll collect use cases in your industry)
  • Analysing opportunities to find quick wins
  • Communicating opportunities to help sell the opportunity inside your organisation
  • Understanding the next steps in executing the opportunities

Outputs and outcomes

  • A framework to think about AI opportunities
  • A step-by-step process to prioritise opportunities
  • A basket of AI opportunities that your team can start executing immediately


4 hours

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