Creating a seamless care experience for Singapore's aging population

Prototyping and testing post-clinical care services for a healthcare agency.

15 Jul 2019


Singapore’s ageing population is increasing pressure on its healthcare system. To mitigate this, the healthcare sector is transforming its approach from illness to wellness, and cure to prevention.

In its effort to provide integrated care, the healthcare agency asked us to build a platform to improve the post-clinical journey for seniors. Though the hospitals under the agency focused on the clinical experience, the agency wanted to offer an experience that considered each patient's holistic (personal, social and emotional) needs.


To validate the platform's value proposition, we fielded a team of a Product Owner and UX Researcher to work alongside the agency's team. We call this the co-sourcing model.

The agency's pre-work led to a quick understanding of the domain, which was accelerated through close collaboration and co-creation workshops. This working model also allowed us to identify the critical need for a product management process to hold the process together.

Product owner running a co-creation workshop with the agency's team.

Co-creation workshops

In addition to user research, our team brought the lens of ecosystem mapping and lean-thinking to the mix. This surfaced matters of scale and sustainability along with product design. Ultimately, our focus was on validating the proposition, and not on creating beautiful designs.


Within the short span of 8 weeks, we managed to:

  • Identify the service's value proposition
  • Build a rapid, low-fidelity prototype
  • Test the prototype with practitioners
  • Develop a product roadmap and strategy

The engagement gave the agency the confidence to pursue a minimum viable product (MVP) and schedule a field trial with live patients later in the year.

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