Instilling a data-driven mindset to drive digital transformation

Driving transformation across an organisation’s culture, technology and processes through a performance management dashboard.

13 May 2019


The organisation lacked a unified view of how the business was performing across its value chain. Its data, processes and technologies were siloed. This meant that preparing and reviewing reports was a time consuming and manual process.

To achieve their ambition of becoming a global leader in their industry, they realised that they needed to change the way they worked. They asked us to build the interface for an automated dashboard that would create visibility on the organisation's business performance. The goal was to empower 5,000 management staff to manage their own performance and work in a more agile manner.


We worked with the organisation to define their vision for the dashboard, and build a framework to meaningfully communicate the 2,500 key performance indicators (KPI) that had been identified by a previous consultancy. After we worked with them to identify a platform that could meet their needs, we created a methodology for staff to build, deploy and operate their own dashboards.

However, we recognised that a dashboard alone would not deliver the outcomes they wanted. The organisation’s culture, processes, tools and technology had to change as well. To map the current and future ways of working across the organisation, we partnered an international consultancy. We also worked with the internal corporate communications team to define the programme’s key messages, identify the most effective communication channels, and develop templates and toolkits for staff to drive consistent communication in their own projects.

By creating ownership and building capability within the organisation, we ensured that the project could continue to flourish after we left.


We created a flexible design framework and long-term vision for the organisation’s automated dashboard, so that it could meet the needs of more than 5,000 management staff. The dashboard has helped the organisation to make data-driven decisions across different levels based on a single source of truth. It has also improved resource efficiency and reduced the organisation’s reliance on top-down decision making.

The overall programme and individual projects are now independently driven by the organisation’s internal team. Staff are able to launch their own dashboard and communication efforts as they have been trained and equipped with the necessary mindset, methodologies and toolkits.

“The dashboard has helped the organisation to make data-driven decisions across different levels based on a single source of truth.”

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