Getting started with systemic design

A five-lesson email course on thinking in systems and to use the mindset to solve today’s complex, networked problems.

by Maish Nichani Updated 14 Mar 2021

We are living in a highly networked and dynamic world where everything connects to everything else.

Even as design teams, we sometimes fail to realise these broader influences, sometimes to our detriment. The Centre for Disease Control's $44 million vaccine management system's failure is a good example of not recognising the broader connections.

The design community is slowly recognising the need for systems thinking. An emerging discipline called 'systemic design' aims to do just that.

According to Wikipedia, systemic design "integrates systems thinking and human-centred design, with the intention of helping designers cope with complex design projects."

At PebbleRoad, we've started using principles of systemic design in our multi-stakeholder projects. We've put our learnings together in the form of our short course that you can take for free.

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Here's what you'll learn over five lessons:

  1. Defining systemic design: How it is different from other design disciplines
  2. Systemic design mindset: How to to 'see' systems
  3. Systemic design concepts: Key terms used in systemic design
  4. Systems mapping: Understanding the system.
  5. Systemic design process: Steps in launching a systemic design project

Sign up for a 5-lesson email course on systemic design.

Maish Nichani

Maish Nichani


I enjoy helping organisations achieve their potential in an ever-changing and complex world. I lead product and transformation conversations.

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