Offering digital services at scale

A five-lesson email course on offering digital services at scale—an essential marker in your organisation’s digital transformation.

by Maish Nichani Updated 16 Mar 2021

A marker for an organisation's digital maturity is the scale of digital services it offers, both externally and internally.

For example, DBS bank proudly offers its customers around 170 digital services. They proclaim: "We have made your day to day banking easy and fast by going digital. We are confident our suite of digital services will cover all your banking needs...".

DBS Bank would not be the world's best digital bank if offered only a handful of services now, would they?

While DBS Bank took many years to digitalise, organisations today can accelerate faster with modern service thinking and technology stacks.

In the 5-lesson email course, we cover the essentials in offering digital services at scale.

Here's what we'll cover.

  1. Lesson 1: Defining digital services
  2. Lesson 2: Understanding service journeys
  3. Lesson 3: Understanding the capabilities required
  4. Lesson 4: Designing and developing at scale
  5. Lesson 5: Starting your digital services transformation

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Maish Nichani

Maish Nichani


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