Mapping service ecosystems with Cornelius Rachieru

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May 17, 2019
9:00AM - 6:00PM
Drama Centre
SGD 250 (including GST)
Mapping service ecosystems with Cornelius Rachieru

Post-event write up of the workshop is available here.

What are service ecosystems and why should you care?
You may be familiar with customer journey maps (CJMs) and service blueprints, and while these are wonderful methods to understand the customer experience at the micro-level, they are insufficient to grasp the interdependencies at the macro-level. This is the realm of ecosystems and mapping it out can give you the confidence to address the inherent complexity of today’s service experiences.

Mapping the service ecosystem helps you:

  • Visualise the interdependencies across the different customer journeys
  • Sets the right context and expectations for your team and stakeholders
  • Discover weaknesses and opportunities that are hidden from plain sight
  • Create a broader narrative that can align downstream work

About the workshop
If you are a senior designer, product manager or business leader, then the 1-day workshop in mapping service ecosystems can help you master a facilitation method that can help align your team and kickstart your design work with the right context.

Part I: Background

  • A cautionary story about systems and systems thinking
  • Systems thinking and design ethics
  • What is an ecosystem
  • Reviewing four UX-related ecosystem types

Part II: Mapping ecosystems

  • Identifying primary and secondary ecosystem actors
  • Drawing rich pictures of the ecosystem
  • Grouping primary service clusters
  • Expanding and diagraming the ecosystem
  • Identifying and applying ecosystem lenses

About Cornelius Rachieru
Cornelius Rachieru is Founder and Managing Partner of Canadian UX consultancy Ampli2de Inc., where he explores his fascination with the politics of design while leading enterprise-scale experience and service design projects. Over the past 15 years, he has managed a number of large UX teams as UX practice leader at Deloitte Canada and Shaw Communications, He has consulted in a wide range of industries, from technology to financial services, healthcare, enterprise risk management, autonomous transportation and law.

Cornelius is also Founder, Co-chair and Creative Director of the popular CanUX conference, Canada’s largest and longest running annual UX event. He is a self-proclaimed night owl (he is originally from Transylvania), loves red-eye flights and is a nomad at heart.

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