The Service Design Bootcamp was held in Singapore on 21-22 June 2012.

The two days of the bootcamp were a great learning experience. How do we know? There was a lot of reframing going on. That is what service thinking is all about. It challenges the "product" mindset that centres on making, shipping, and supporting a tangible item. But services are different. They are co-created. The customer or consumer cannot be taken out of equation.

Tim Schuurman and James Rock of DesignThinkers Group took participants through an actual exercise in creating a new service or re-imagine and existing service. They used they 10-step Service Innovation Canvas as a framework.

The methods discussed included:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Value mapping
  • Journey mapping
  • Concept mapping
  • Business models

Thanks to all those who attended and many thanks to the DesignThinkers Group for coming all the way from The Netherlands to give this bootcamp.

Some links that were shared during the workshop: