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We are a team of creative problem solvers.

We started our practice in 2004 with one objective: do impactful work. This single-minded pursuit has guided who we hire, the work we do and the decisions we make.




Product owner

Responsible for long-term client success, team growth and successful product delivery.


Transformation designer

Responsible for changes required in the organisation’s operating system to ensure the transformation is sustainable.


UX researcher

Responsible for engaging customers and stakeholders to gather insights and validate hypotheses at the product and organisational level.


Interaction designer

Responsible for creating impactful experiences with the digital product or services to meet the organisation’s objectives and user’s needs.


Content strategist

Responsible for planning the creation, delivery and governance of useful and usable content.


Frontend engineer

Responsible for frontend technical development and testing of digital products.


We are passionate people who inspire a vision and have the grit to see it through.

Maish Nichani


I enjoy helping organisations achieve their potential in an ever-changing and complex world. I lead product and transformation conversations.

Vasu Kolla

Product owner

I love working on complicated enterprise projects. I lead cross-functional product teams and coach leaders on their transformation journey.

Allen Pattiselanno

New business director

My 20+ years of experience gives me a 360 view of organisations looking to maximise their value to customers through digital channels.

Marcos Pinedo

Product owner

A restless problem solver and "dangerous dreamer" when building products, I am driven by curiosity and a passion for innovation.

Wolfgang Maehr

Product owner

I enjoy the challenge of analysing complex problems in order to find elegant solutions with purpose, delight and feasibility.

Dayna Wong

Interaction designer

I take joy in translating rich stories into impactful opportunities and crafting meaningful experiences to solve end-user needs.

Nicholas Chai

Interaction designer

I'm always thinking about how my designs can help people get their job done so that they can spend their time on what really matters.

Joel Yang

Frontend engineer

Be the change you want to see. I enjoy delighting the spaces I engage in and investing in the growth of others.

Christine Oon

Content strategist

Great content can make a big impact. Helping to create that change is what motivates me.

Jerald Lam

Transformation designer

I'm passionate about raising the quantity and quality of human-centred leaders, teams and organisations.

Geraldine Lam

Content strategist

Excited to make an impact and help individuals and organisations through content strategy!

Preston Matsuwaki

Product owner

Partnering teams to drive impact and change has always been a big passion of mine.

Hui Min Toh

Frontend engineer

I strive for the sweet spot where intention, empathy, design and technology converge.

Rachel Goh

Product owner

I love working with people to put ideas into action and transform problems into meaningful solutions.

Tiffany Teng

Interaction designer

I like to motivate others and collaborate with my team and clients to build effective solutions together.

Aaron Kow

Frontend engineer

I use code to design. A web worker that's passionate to build a better world wide web.

Ewen Boey

Content strategist

I tell stories and create content that is useful and effective.

Joshua Lim

Interaction designer

I enjoy crafting practical solutions to unwieldy problems.

Kiks Chua

Interaction designer

I’m deeply curious about how things work and how they can work better.

Weiyan Chee

UX researcher

I like finding out why people do the things they do.

Shawn Choy

Interaction designer

I am a designer looking to provide value to users. I create solutions that are simple, efficient, and scalable.

Aquib Momin

Frontend engineer

Passionate about solving problems, learning and mastering new frameworks and building scalable and robust apps.

Vanessa Cassandra

Frontend engineer

I enjoy learning new skills and making things that add value to society.

Zhiyang Lim

Interaction designer

I enjoy making things useful through design.


We are always on the lookout for talented and driven people to join our team. Email us and we’ll contact you if a suitable position opens up!